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A unique learning and caring environment tailored to your child.

Playing in Nursery


As your baby grows into a toddler, you will notice that they are a bundle of excitement, activity and curiosity. Their play becomes more complex and imaginative as they begin to form skills and learns independence, creativity and problem-solving.

Atawhai (Kindness/Caring)

Toddlerhood is also a time for emerging social skills, they learn how to play with other children and share toys with them. At Sovereign Star, your toddler is supported and guided in building self-confidence, forming new friendships and is encouraged to take on new challenges and risks to develop a variety of learning dispositions and strategies.


Sovereign Star continuously works closely with parents and whānau to build up an environment of mutual and genuine respect and trust. Our childcare routines are similar to their home-based settings and we strive to achieve a respectful and happy spiritual learning environment where children and their whānau are valued, in order for children to develop to their full potential.


We provide flexible, varied and fun environments that give your toddler with an array of experiences to challenge their physical energy. We incorporate activities that encourage climbing and jumping because, as parents and teachers, we know that toddlers are at an age where they exhibit high energy levels.


We provide child interest-based daily plans, an emergent curriculum opportunity that incorporates a balance of group time, individual time, mat time, free time and opportunities for your toddler to express themselves in a play-oriented environment and to develop their learning dispositions, languages, music and lifelong learning skills.


We provide opportunities to develop their self-help skills and express their emerging autonomy. We encourage them to dress themselves, feed themselves and care for their own belongings. This benefits your child as they are able to develop a sense of ownership and a sense of empowerment in their own abilities.

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