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As your child enters preschool years, their brain makes countless connections within different regions according to early child development studies. This is a special stage where your child explores the world and prepare to go to school.


Preschool Graduation Ceremony

For children ages 3 - 5 years old, here's the Sovereign Star Preschool care for you:

Manawa (Heart)

At Sovereign Star Preschool we have professional care, development and education to learn through play and prepare your child for the world of school.


Children experience the joy of self-expression in the areas of music and movement, arts, language and social play, science and many learning curriculums, and they develop a positive attitude towards learning and communication. We recognise the importance of social and emotional development, such as express emotions, building resilience and relationships in the preschool years and helping your child develop fundamental skills for life.


We provide opportunities and a flexible environment for preschoolers to present their ideas and experiences. We encourage them to develop a perception of themselves as capable explorers who are able to make discoveries, learn about the world and themselves and ultimately become life-long learners.


We incorporate real-life learning experiences for the older preschoolers by going on excursions, walking to the local parks and visiting communities to extend their research and enquiry-based learning about the current classroom focus. Your child will be lovingly encouraged to participate at mat time, which may involve activities such as recalling events, re-telling stories and sharing their opinion. This is so important for their sense of self-worth and growing self-esteem.


Our education team focus on individual interests and unique learning pathways to provide a wide range of early education opportunities for your preschooler to participate and to develop their investigative and research skills. Your child will be introduced to a range of learning strategies and will be encouraged to explore, to try something new, to take risks, to make mistakes, to learn through trial and error, to ask questions, to make predictions and gain an understanding of how ideas can be expressed in symbols, language and pictures.

Explore early literacy and integrate it into all aspects of play.

Our school readiness programme includes specific activities and games where children develop vital skills, such as:

  • Learning their letters.

  • Phonics.

  • Mathematics skills.

  • Problem-solving skills.

  • Creative thinking skills.

These are all needed for the best start in primary school.

We offer the best opportunities to develop strong interests in reading, writing and other aspects of learning.

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