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Curriculum Programmes

At Sovereign Star Nursery and Preschool, we use intentional teaching strategies and a sound, professional knowledge of assessment to establish a meaningful and clear learning purpose and identify each child's needs and interests. 

Our curriculum focuses on the process of learning, such as investigation, problem-solving, inquiry and thinking. It is based on ongoing partnerships between home and the early childhood setting to foster the child's learning in a social context.

We believe that children learn through interactions within their families and communities in a social environment.

Our program teaches tamariki about behaviours and ways to think in a fun-filled way.

Essential Skills

We provide a wide range of opportunities and contexts for your tamariki to learn the following five essential social and emotional learning skills:


Believing in yourself. If you attempt to do something, you will be able to and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Getting Along

Treating others with respect, being honest, fair and caring; playing well with others; solving disagreements peacefully, following the rules and looking after your environment.


Keep trying even when you find it difficult. Don't give up.


The ability to calm yourself, and control your behaviour.


The ability to listen carefully to instructions, take care of your own things and take care of yourself.

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