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Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

To foster community relationships with families by giving children positive learning experiences which contribute to their sense of belonging and confidence in being a contributor to the wider world.

Ā mātou kaupapa mata ki te ako/Our learning priorities

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence in early childhood education

  • Open communication with mutual trust and respect

  • Positivity

  • Responsive


To be part of and build strong relationships between teachers and whānau, to help tamariki realise their full potential.

Ready for School

Our Programme:

To tatau kaupapa:

At Sovereign Star Nursery and Preschool, we believe in providing a warm, welcoming and engaging learning environment. Our centre's programme is inspired by Te whāriki; The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, The Reggio Emilia approach and The Incredible Years Programme. We provide a rich and responsive curriculum that supports the holistic way children develop and learn.

We are committed to promoting children's health through healthy eating and physical activity. We provide a Heart Foundation approved menu and deliver active movement daily for tamariki to learn lifelong healthy habits.

At Sovereign Star, we value trusting relationships which are nurtured through meaningful communication between teachers and whānau. Children's individual needs are met with consistent, calm and affectionate care.

Our Children:

Ngā tamariki:

We acknowledge that each child's life journey is unique and we celebrate and build on children's interest and strengths through both free play and structured experiences. Children are encouraged to be active participants in their learning on their journey to being independent, confident, socially competent, empathetic, resilient and happy.

We teach children to respect themselves, others, and the environment to develop a sense of self-worth and identity. Children's strengths and interests provide the foundation for our programme and through which, in turn, makes learning meaningful and fun.

Family and Community:

Whānau me to hapori:

We take time to build respectful and responsive relationships with our centre's tamariki, their whānau and the wider community.

We strive for an inclusive and supportive environment to reflect all the diverse cultures in the centre and community.

Using Te Reo Māori and tikanga, we provide children with the opportunity to learn and develop respect for both partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We also encourage NZSL to support the learning of all official languages of New Zealand.

Sovereign Star Preschool is committed to supporting environmental sustainability within our community and strive to pass on these values to the tamariki.

We encourage and embrace whānau involvement in the programme and welcome their individual knowledge, talents and expertise to enrich experiences.

Our Teachers:

Ngā kaiako:

All staff are caring, consistent and positive. We use positive guidance techniques to support our tamariki on their journey to becoming responsible , contributing and confident members of society. Kaiako are committed to furthering their professional knowledge to enhance and broaden teaching and learning experiences and learning outcomes for tamariki.

We believe in fostering curiosity and the child's own natural desire to learn. Our kaiako are advocates for all aspects of tamariki care and education and are focused on building strong reciprocal relationships with all stakeholders.

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