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Cute Baby Crawling

For tamariki between the ages of 3 months to 2 years old, Sovereign Star has a programme that caters to the developmental needs of infants and toddlers.

Aroha (Love)

Your baby is unique, very precious and deserving of quality early childhood care, development and education that is respectful and closely aligned with how you care for them at home.


At Sovereign Star, we are committed to our partnerships with parents and we personalise your baby's care and routines so your baby benefits. Developing this close relationship with your baby takes time, but it is worth it when they settle and feel secure in our care.


We provide regular, uninterrupted and unhurried time for your baby to explore and learn. This reduces stress on your child and it benefits their social, emotional and brain development.


We incorporate a rich blend of sensory interactions into your baby's world. The more freedom and time they have to safely move and explore and the more creative their environment, the more they learn.


We nurture and care for your baby and stimulate their learning with body language and gestures that take their cues from your little one. Through eye contact, laughter, rocking and talking, your baby is not only bonding with their teachers, but they are also developing their emerging communication skills.


We create a calm, predictable environment where your baby is given choices and experiences the security of familiar routines, lots of tenderness and cuddles and smooth transitions throughout their day.

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